Spring Fishing in Galveston

Young lady holds redfish close to camera while on a Spring time Galveston fishing trip

Spring time brings a variety of changes and challenges to fishing in the Galveston area; but with a few key things in mind, you should see some great success with a variety of species inshore and offshore. One of the biggest things to keep in mind is making it back to the dock safely for … Read more

Galveston Fishing in February

Two teenagers holding redfish caught in Galveston in February

Spring has almost arrived, and then it slips away into the foggy abyss. That’s often the feeling for February in Galveston. Beautiful spring days often only hang around for a short time, or even just a couple of hours, then the fog rolls back in covering the island in an eerie mist. The end of … Read more

Shark Fishing Guide

Young boy holding small shark

Another great and exhilarating aspect of summer fishing in Galveston is catching sharks!!! Big, hard fighting fish that can often grow to be over 6 feet in length can be caught in the nearshore waters or along the beachfront. Galveston is home to over 15 different species of shark, so it’s very important to understand … Read more

Sheepshead Fishing in Galveston

Lady mimics sheepshead fish's smile

Finally, the weather starts to break and we get to enjoy more and more of the gorgeous Galveston Island sunshine!!! Even better news… the sunshine coincides with some of the best fishing the island has to offer all year. The annual abundance and excitement of fishing for Sheepshead, an often misunderstood and funny looking fish … Read more

Summer Fishing in Galveston

Man holding speckled trout caught on a Galveston fishing trip in Summer

Summer time in Galveston brings the most variety of fish of the year, despite the sometimes blazing summer heat or thunderstorms. Inshore fishing for redfish and speckled trout is great and offshore fishing for a bunch of species is great too. This is the easiest time to plan a trip and get out on the … Read more