Galveston Nearshore / Jetty Combo Fishing Trip

Fishing the Galveston jetties, beachfront and nearshore rigs for a variety of species including trout, redfish, sheepshead, sharks, and more. Great for all ages and experience levels. Book your nearshore/jetty combo trip now!

About Galveston Nearshore & Jetty Combo Fishing Trips

The nearshore/jetty combo trip is one of the best fishing experiences we have to offer! It combines two of our most popular offerings into one great fishing experience to ensure you have a wonderful time on the water. Typical trips include light tackle fishing at the Galveston jetties and along the beachfront as well as fishing for bigger species at the nearshore rigs and bottom structures. Throughout the year, we catch a variety of species like trout, redfish, sharks, king mackerel, spadefish, Spanish mackerel, and Cobia. 

We can customize these trips to fit the needs of your group and we also have the option to stay in calmer waters if the weather doesn’t cooperate too. This is one of the best trips that Galveston has to offer and the best opportunity to enjoy the very best that Galveston fishing has to offer!!!

FAQs About Galveston Nearshore / Jetty Combo Fishing

Galveston Combo Fishing Trips are a specialty trip only offered in Galveston. It’s actually a great mix between jetty fishing and deep sea fishing that offers the opportunity for big fish without the time commitment of a half or full day of deep sea fishing. There are plenty of fish to catch and a lot of really cool things to see in Galveston from a whole different perspective while you’re on the water.

This is the perfect trip for younger kids because it combines big fish, a fun boat ride, dolphins, and sometimes sharks. All without requiring a full day attention span as children often have. Children like a little bit of everything, even if the fish are hungry and constantly biting.

Honestly. If the fishing wasn’t good, we wouldn’t offer the trip. It often depends more on the weather conditions than the time of day. We can’t control the weather, but we spend enough time on the water to find fish nearly every trip of the year. There’s an average of 1 trip in every 150-200 that doesn’t catch some fish, so the odds are in our favor.

We only offer private charters for up to 6 people. Our pricing is per trip, not per person. All of our Bay & Jetty Fishing trips are the same price for 1-6 people. Since the input costs for the trip don’t really change depending on the number of people— neither do our prices. We offer a simple, straight forward price for the trip.

Yes, anyone over the age of 17 is required by law to have a valid Texas saltwater fishing license. There are a number of options for licenses available, but we recommend a one-day license for most cases. You can purchase the licenses online or in person at Academy, Wal-Mart, or most any sporting goods store. Make sure when you purchase the license, it does include the oversized red drum tag on the license for any inshore or nearshore trip if you would like to keep a big Redfish on the trip.

If you arrive 10-15 minutes early, you can also buy your licenses at the marina bait camp as well.

We provide all the rods and reels, tackle and bait for the trip. Fuel is also included in the price of the trip. We are happy to provide fish cleaning services as well, especially with a generous gratuity of 15-25% for your trip.

We have a cooler on board with ice for your trip, or you can bring a cooler with snacks and drinks as well. We are committed to reducing the use of single-use plastic bottles and only have refilled, reusable water bottles on the boat provided. But feel free to bring your choice of beverages and packaging. No glass bottles allowed.
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Group of angkers with Cobia fish caught on a Galveston fishing charter

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