Galveston Red Snapper Fishing

30-60 miles offshore, with Red Snapper focus! Also fish for King Mackerel, Cobia, Mahi Mahi, and more. Book a Galveston Red Snapper Fishing Trip now!

About Galveston Red Snapper Fishing Trips

This is a special trip and is only offered during the Red Snapper season (typically June to July), we don’t offer it any other time of year. The Galveston Red Snapper fishing trip combines the best of a half day deep sea fishing trip for up to 6 people per boat, more fishing time, and goes further offshore to increase chances of catching big red snapper (often up to 20 pounds!).

Galveston Red Snapper fishing is world-class, come try it for yourself! This is an awesome trip to catch one of the most popular, hard fighting, and delicious fish swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. While we are out there, we also have the chance at catching other species encountered during a day of deep sea fishing as well. The season for red snapper can vary, but traditionally starts on June 1 every year and dates fill up fast. Our online bookings have availability for trips in real-time as well, we recommend booking ahead to ensure your preferred date.

If this is your first red snapper fishing experience; don’t worry, free fishing lessons are included!!!

We also provide all of the rods and reels, fishing tackle and bait for the trip, there’s no fuel surcharge, and we also include fish cleaning! All you’ll need are snacks, drinks (no glass), and a fishing license. We have a cooler on board to put drinks and snacks in, but feel free to bring your cooler as well. Remember that your captain and crew work hard to ensure that you have a great experience on your deep sea fishing experience, you can show them your appreciation with a 15-20% tip and a 5-star review online. Both are greatly appreciated.

During your red snapper deep sea fishing experience, we typically try to do a combination of bottom fishing, trolling, drift fishing, and jigging. This gives us the opportunity to encounter a wider variety of fish species during your trip. Depending on the weather and conditions of the day, we may be limited to trolling and bottom fishing– which are typically most productive anyways.

Our Galveston red snapper fishing is a type of deep sea fishing trip and is a 8-9 hour trip, we are usually fishing within 60 miles of Galveston on a variety of different types of structures. We do not always fish oil and gas platforms, but also fish on sunken wrecks, natural bottom, scattered rocks, and other features too. Common species can include red snapper, king mackerel, spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper, sharks, red drum, sheepshead, cobia, mahi mahi, tripletail, and others. The length of the trip is measured from dock to dock and starts at the scheduled time for the trip. We try our best to stay on time, as there are often multiple groups scheduled during the day to go fishing.

FAQs About Galveston Red Snapper Fishing

This typically depends on the type of trip booked and the time of year for the trip. To ensure a healthy population, red snapper are managed under a season that is set every year by the National Marine Fisheries Service. Traditionally, the season opens on June 1st and goes through the end of July. Outside of this time, we can still catch red snapper—but we cannot keep them.

On a half day deep sea fishing trip, catching red snapper is common from 25-40 miles offshore. Along with there species as time may allow.
On a full day deep sea fishing trip, we typically don’t do much fishing inside of 40-50 miles and may go up to 100 miles from shore as weather and conditions allow.

Depending on the time of year, you may also catch King Mackerel, Dorado or Mahi Mahi, Sharks, mangrove snapper, amberjacks, wahoo, blacken tuna, cobia or ling, sailfish and many other species. Some fish are more common than others and may be further offshore depending on the time of year or weather, but you never know what you’ll catch on a Galveston deep sea fishing trip.

Depending on the type of trips and the weather for the day, this can often vary. The longer you have for your deep sea fishing trip, the better the opportunity for catching big red snapper and other species as well.

If you want big red snapper, we definitely recommend a red snapper special or full day deep sea safari trip for your best opportunity.

To ensure a healthy population, red snapper are managed under a season that is set every year by the National Marine Fisheries Service. Traditionally, the season opens on June 1st and goes through the end of July.

Outside of this time, we can still catch red snapper—but we cannot keep them. We are happy to offer catch and release trips for red snapper if you’re interested as well.

Yes, anyone over the age of 17 is required by law to have a valid Texas saltwater fishing license. There are a number of options for licenses available, but we recommend a one-day license for most cases. You can purchase the licenses online or in person at Academy, Wal-Mart, or most any sporting goods store. Make sure when you purchase the license, it does include the oversized red drum tag on the license for any inshore or nearshore trip if you would like to keep a big Redfish on the trip.

If you arrive 10-15 minutes early, you can also buy your licenses at the marina bait camp as well.

We provide all the rods and reels, tackle and bait for the trip. Fuel is also included in the price of the trip. We are happy to provide fish cleaning services as well, especially with a generous gratuity of 15-25% for your trip.

We have a cooler on board with ice for your trip, or you can bring a cooler with snacks and drinks as well. We are committed to reducing the use of single-use plastic bottles and only have refilled, reusable water bottles on the boat provided. But feel free to bring your choice of beverages and packaging. No glass bottles allowed.
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Group of angkers with Cobia fish caught on a Galveston fishing charter

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