What Are the Most Common Fish to Catch in Galveston?

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Considering there are over 100 species of fish in Galveston Bay, it is no surprise that up to 40% of the US’s seafood comes from the Gulf of Mexico. What fish will you likely catch while cruising the waters around Galveston, Texas? Well, it is all about location and what type of fish you want to find.


While bay waters may seem shallow, they are prime Texas fishing grounds. You can fish from the shoreline or charter yourself a boat. Got your boat? Even better! The most common fish you’ll likely hook are:

  • Speckled trout — The prize fish of the Galveston Bay area. Watch out for their impostors, Gator Trout.
  • Flounder — A delicious find. Use the Texas secret fishing technique called “gigging” to guarantee a catch. Clear Lake is also a great destination spot to hook these beauties.
  • Black drum — Be willing to work for this fish. These fish can weigh between five and 30 pounds. Some have even been caught weighing up to 90 pounds! Hey, this is Texas fishing! What did you expect? Everything is bigger in Texas.
  • Sheephead — A great beginner fish for kids and a sought-after fish. These fish are known for their striking beauty and delicious taste.
  • Spanish Mackerel — These are best caught from late spring till fall.
  • Redfish — A prized catch of the Texan fisherman. These fish give you a worthy battle are best sought after in August through the last day of fall.

The Gulf

For the more serious angler, book a boat trip further out into the gulf’s deeper blue waters, where you will likely encounter bigger, prized fish. Marlin
Red snapper
And some sub-species of tuna


Sharks are also found in the Galveston area, both inland and further out. 15 species are legal to fish for in Galveston, some of them being Tiger sharks, Blacktips, Hammerhead and Bull sharks, and Boneheads. The shark must not exceed the minimum weight limit for that type of shark. If it does, it must be released back.

A Fishing Goldmine

As you can see, Galveston is a fishing goldmine. No matter what your fishing level, there is fun for you. Every year, anglers from all over gather for some Texas fishing for its fine fish selection. Now that you know what Galveston has to offer, make a fish wish and go fishing!

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